FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you install for me?

A: Yes, we have installers Australia Wide, just fill in our online quote to include installation and your will get an instant installation included quote. 

Q: Can I install gutter mesh myself to save money?

A: Yes, if you are a handy person, have confidence working at heights and have correct tools for installation.

Just follow our instruction manuals found here.

Q: How much does delivery cost?

A: We offer FREE Delivery Australia Wide for all orders over $250

Q: Can the gutter mesh be cut to any size?

A: Yes, we do provide various widths up to 1000mm depending on the profile of different roof types & jobs.
We are only too happy to do that for you.

You can call us and request a size to be cut specifically for your job.

Q: What are the different roof types?


Q: What is a Gutter and Valley?


Q: Can Gutter Mesh be applied to a bullnose roof or box gutters?

A: Certainly Gutter Mesh is a very versatile product which we manufacture to a variety of widths and lengths which makes it ideal for almost all roof types including bull nose and box gutters.

Q: Do I still have to clean out my gutters after getting Gutter Mesh installed?

A: Both yes and no. You will no longer need to remove leaves and debris from your gutter, however a small amount of silt over a long time will pass through the mesh. This can easily be removed every year with your garden hose. The days of hours worth of work cleaning your gutters will be over. We even offer a yearly gutter flush for those that would rather us take care of it.

Q: If I have gutter protection installed on my home, does that mean that I’ll never have to clean my gutters again?

A: Effective gutter guard systems work wonders in keeping ordinary debris and organic buildup from clogging up your home’s guttering systems all of the time. Maintenance will be all but eliminated-more so with varieties of gutter covers than others.

Even so, the need to take care of the gutters will go from practically every month to about once every couple of years and even then, the amount of cleaning required will usually be easy enough to do with a simple flushing with a garden house.

Q: Will gutter covers work on my historical home’s box-style gutters?

A: While the sizes and shaped of gutters have been more or less standardized over the last several decades, many older homes still have gutters that don’t necessarily fit the mould of today’s designs.

If this is the case with your home, there very well may be a perfect gutter protection solution available for your needs. However, a professional will likely need to measure and consider the options available on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Does having gutter covers reduce the water handling capacity of the gutters?

A: In most cases, with most gutter protection designs, the answer is a resounding “not at all!” All quality gutter covers have gone through a robust cycle of expert design and testing to ensure that they do not adversely affect the water shedding capacity of standard gutters.

And naturally, by blocking the leaves, twigs, and debris that usually clogs a home’s gutters, the water flow will be better than ever!

Q: What problems does installation of mesh help prevent?

A: Leaf and debris build up, water over-flow due to blocked gutters, gutter corrosion, eave, fascia damage, internal electrical, ceiling, insulation walls flooring all can be damaged from water ingress and this can be a fire risk as well.

Q: Does gutter mesh fit all roof types?


Q: Is the gutter mesh bird and vermin proof?


Q: Do I need to clean debris from my gutters before installing the mesh?

A: DIY or Supply & Install the gutters need to be checked and cleaned before installing.

It’s best to clean all your gutters and down pipes, checking for any blockages, making sure that everything is in good condition before installing Gutter Mesh.

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