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Keep the Gutters of Your Home Well-Protected with Our Gutter Screens

There is no doubt that keeping your gutter clean is an important part of your home maintenance. However, you can reduce the home maintenance task by simply installing gutter screens on the top of gutters. They are designed with the aim of covering your gutters to prevent any trash from falling into them while still permitting the rainwater to pass through. As a result, you always have fewer chances of facing the consequences of a clogged gutter.  

We at Gutter Mesh Direct know the importance of well-protected gutters. That is why we always aim to provide our customers with exactly that. We offer all types of gutter screens along with the installation. As a leading supplier of gutter mesh products, we always conduct a full inspection of your gutters before installing our gutter mesh product. We will never install our gutter screen products if your gutters are rusted, faulty, or holding water. Instead, we will offer our professional advocacy on how to rectify the problems.

Benefits of Installing the Gutter Screens from Gutter Mesh Direct

No matter whatever style of gutter screens you choose to cover the gutters, your home will surely enjoy the following benefits:

Spend Less Time and Money on Home Maintenance

Debris like leaves, branches, shingle granules, or pine needles often accumulates in gutters and downspouts. Sometimes you might find the bird’s nest or carcass stockpiling in gutters. To control clogs, you need to clean your gutters at a regular interval. So, you need to hire a professional gutter cleaner quite frequently to clean the gutters. But when you have gutter screens, your gutters and downspouts are safeguarded from debris. As a result, you have to spend less time and money cleaning them. Besides that, it might even lower your need for emergency roof repair.

Prevent the Blockages during the Heavy Rain

Gutter screens prevent the blockages that you often see in your gutters, causing overflowing during times of heavy rain. This overflowing can damage the exterior tile roof and may lead to rot, dampness, and decay interior of that building. So, installing gutter screens on the top of the gutters is the best bet for you to prevent water blockage during heavy rainfall.

Reduce the Chances of Ice Dam Formation

Winter seems to be the most difficult season for gutters. If the gutters are left unclean, water can easily store in them at any time. The situation will become worse if that water freezes and forms ice dams. Undoubtedly, ice dams are destructive, and they often cause damage not only to the roof but also to other components of a home. As a result, they can shorten the life span of a roofing system along with the gutters. In this regard, gutter screens play an important role by reducing ice dam formation significantly as it prevents the water from being clogged. This actually helps to maintain the structural integrity of any roofing system.

Prevent Pest and Animal Infestation

Pests and animals like rats and birds can use your gutters as their nesting areas. Their droppings can make a gutter completely clogged. Insects like ants and flies can also reside where nests are present. Gutter screens prevent those creatures from using your gutters as their home or as routes to reach your roof.

Protect Your Home from Potential Fire Hazard

Leaves and dead branches, stored in your gutters and downspouts, are always considered a potential fire hazard. All it needs is a barbecue or a bonfire nearby. Flying embers can ignite the dry debris in your gutters, causing a fire. As gutter screens control the accumulation of debris in your gutter, they can effectively reduce the risk of potential fire hazards around your home.

The Types of Gutter Screens We Offer

We offer the following types of gutter screens:

  • Micro Mesh Gutter Screens

    Micro mesh gutter screens are the latest development in the field of gutter protection.  Our micro-mesh screens come with two vital parts. One is a supporting frame that holds the micro-mesh screen down firmly against the corrugations. And the other is medical-grade stainless steel mesh that lets the water flow while filtering out the junk and debris. They are easy to install over the standard K-style gutters. At the same time, they are easy to remove in case your gutters need to be repaired or serviced.

    Our micro mesh gutter screens are designed with a pitched screen, and it needs installation under the first row of roof shingles. As the pitched screen is firmly attached to a roof’s steep sections, it makes a hard angle, forcing water to run over the screen rather than pass through it. However, if they are installed in an improper way, they can lift and disturb the roof shingle, and this will prevent you from claiming the roof warranties.

    So, installing Gutter Mesh Direct’s micro mesh gutter screens will be perfect for your home to have better protection against pest invasions, bushfires, and costly water damage, caused by clogged downpipes.

  • Filtered Gutter Screen

    A filtered gutter screen is another must-have product to keep your gutters free from leaves, dead branches, and debris. Our filtered gutter screen comes with a fiberglass screen that resists the smallest of debris from entering and clogging your gutters. It can be easily fitted to standard 5″ or 6″ K-style gutters. All you have to do is to slide it under the first row of your shingles and attach it to the top of the gutter edge.

    Our filtered gutter screen can improve the water flow through the gutters as well as the downpipes since they prevent them from blocking up. This is perfect for you if you have installed a rainwater tank on your building, as the gutter screen will allow the cascading rainwater to flow and store in your tank. Besides, the water stored in your rainwater tank will also be cleaner since the gutter screen filters out debris and contaminants.

    So, if you are considering installing gutter screens on the top of the gutters, contact Gutter Mesh Direct as early as possible. Our friendly team will answer all your queries regarding our gutter screen products.

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