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Say Goodbye to Clogging and Overflow with Our Metal Gutter Guards

Australian homeowners are majorly bothered with the problem of gutter clogging and overflow of filth water. This is like a recurring expense where you have to call a handyman every few months to fix the problems. As a homeowner, you must be looking for a budget-friendly and permanent solution for this. Here, we present our metal gutter guards for keeping infestation, blockage, corrosion and overflow at bay.

Along with our metal mesh gutter guards, we have also enriched our collection with plastic mesh gutter guards. These are made of high density polyethylene or HDPE, and when expanded, the apertures have a diamond shape. Before we share more details about our variations, let us mention what a gutter guard is and how it can benefit you in more ways than you can think.

Why You Need a Gutter Guard from Gutter Mesh Direct

Gutter guards are made of corrosion-resistant and durable materials. They come in rolls and are fitted into different types of gutters to stop the pilage of leaves, debris and debris. They are also crucial for preventing rodent and insect infestations. Especially, people who have their houses in hail-storm-ridden areas will find these aluminium gutter guards and other variations extremely handy.

Here are the reasons why you need gutter guards for your home in Australia.

  • Stops Gutter Blockages:

    It’s raining heavily, and there is a gutter overflow at your home. Things cannot get messier than this. Your gutter is overflowing because accumulated debris, leaves and dirt have blocked the drain and downspout. Gutter overflow can call for big problems like unpleasant stains on the exterior walls and damage to the foundation of your house.

    Even if there is no overflow, accumulated dry leaves and twigs can easily catch fire n windy situations. Therefore, they can trigger fire breakouts if you are not careful enough. If you get aluminum gutter leaf guards or any other type of gutter protector installed, all these problems will be solved.

  • Better Gutter Water Flow: 
    Improved gutter water flow is beneficial for the overall house. Especially, when you have a rainwater barrel or tank at home, proper gutter water flow is extremely crucial. The barrel or container will get filled quickly, and the gutter protector will also work as a filter to make the rainwater free of debris and contaminants.

    We recommend poly gutter guards with a very small aperture size for homeowners who have provisions for storing rainwater. They can be easily fixed into any type of gutter and are quite functional.

    Better gutter water flow is also essential to stop the formation and accumulation of ice in the gutter during winter. Roof gutter leaf guards do not allow debris or dirt to pile up in the gutter and thus alleviate the pain of ice dams.

  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion: 

    You can extend the durability of your gutter with gutter guards. Open gutters can gather a lot of debris, dirt, leaves, twigs, etc. The accumulated dirt can absorb water and moisture, and even if they are yet to block the flow completely, they can cause massive damage to the gutter.

    If the wet dirt is there in the gutter for a longer period of time, it can cause rust and corrosion. Wire mesh gutter guards and other variations keep your gutter free of debris. Thus, the question of premature rusting does not arise.

  • Say No to Infestations: 

    How many times have you noticed the nest of vermins, insects and rodents in your gutter? Especially, insects and vermins love the gutters with stagnant water and debris. These unwanted creatures can cause physical damage to your property. Besides, they can spread diseases.

  • Maintenance is not a Problem Anymore:

    If you have open gutters at home, they will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, you will be exposed to the risk of infestation, overflow, fire break out and other damages. However, it is not always easy to find a handyman who will perform the task of gutter cleaning. If you want to do it on your own, things can become hazardous. Gutter guards permanently solve this problem as all the dirt and filth are accumulated on the guard screen and not inside the gutter.

Various Gutter Guards at Gutter Mesh Direct:

Our rainwater gutter leaf guards are available in different materials, and they are engineered differently based on the specific functions required of them. We have expanded aluminium mesh, made of exposure grade virgin aluminium. The apertures in this kind of protector come in diamond shapes. We have brought another variation called expanded aluminium embermesh. Aluminium and aluminium embermesh gutter guards are certified as safe in terms of water quality and flammability index. You can even go for our plastic mesh, or trims 90 degrees. Trims 90 degrees are engineered with zincalume steel, and they have an angular profile. You will further find colorbond saddles in our collection, crafted with zincalume steel, featuring a corrugated profile. All these variations are available in different colours and are suitable for versatile applications.

Based on functionality, we have many types of gutter guards. They are:

  • Poly gutter guards that work as guards and filters simultaneously
  • External mesh gutter guards made of metal or plastic
  • Box guards for concealed gutters and where customisation is needed
  • Internal gutter guards made of plastic
  • Brush gutter guards, etc.

You can consult our experts in gutter guard installation to choose the best suitable gutter guards for your property.

Why Choose Gutter Mesh Direct:

Gutter Mesh Direct is synonymous with the best gutter protection in Australia. We offer gutter installation services all over Australia, and we can even deliver the DIY installation kit to your home. All our mesh guards come with a warranty, and they are CSIRO tested, and Bluescope approved. They even have premium AzKoNobel powder coating.

With 20 years of experience in the field, we have a long list of happy customers. We can also share the gutter guard prices with you over the phone. You can do the measurements on your own or call us at 1300 680 83 so that we can drop by your place and complete the measurements. You can also fill out the online form for a free quotation from us.

If you agree with our quotation, you can place your order. Based on your preference, you can go for a DIY installation (we have a detailed guide for the same) or allow us to do the installation.

So, no point in keeping your gutters unprotected when you can guard them so easily. Choose Gutter Mesh Direct and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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